HFN Consulting, LLC - Wellness & Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer
Our job is to be YOUR personal nutrition & wellness counselors. Let us be your guide and advocate as we tailor a program that is designed to for your needs.
It is time for you to…
- Reach a healthy weight
- Feel better
- Have more energy
- Learn to nourish your body with whole & natural foods
- Begin an exercise program
- Reduce your stress by taking better care of yourself
- Learn to prepare healthy meals for you and your family
- Learn how to navigate your grocery store
Choose from…
5 - Session packages
10 - Session packages
One-time consultations
In home cooking lessons
Refrigerator and pantry make-over
Nutrition & wellness workshops for small to large groups
 All packages include: grocery store shopping lesson at your store of choice and regular contact through email, phone, or text.
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